Star craft game review

StarCraft Game review


The main story centers around Jim Raynor at the time a marshal for the confederacy  in the first non tutorial mission you are to prevent him from dying and wipe the zerg infestation out. During the mission you spot a weird goo on a Terran command center, when you and your troops destroy it General Duke of the Confederacy gets mad at them for destroying the command center and labels them enemies of the confederacy. For the rest of the Terran campaign you are an ally of the sons of Korhal a rebel group against the confederacy. In the Zerg campaign you are a cerebrate a minion of the over mind your job is to protect the chrysalis. At the beginning of the Protoss campaign you are a commander and your job is to destroy the zerg infestation on Tarsonis.

Image result for starcraft original terran fighting zerg
The Terran's prepare for battle  


Star Craft is a really strategic game. Different races require different strategies. For example their is a zerglings  rush for the zergs that requires you to send a ton a ton of zerglings to bother your enemy. All the races have strengths and weaknesses for Terran the strength is that they have strong aerial troops. Their weakness is that they are weak in early game because there advanced troops cost vespene gas and a lot of minerals to build them. The Protoss  are the army that requires the most handling although they have a shield for half their health they can be whittled down by hit and runs by Terran vultures who move really fast can drop the shield and then flee the area. To counter this place in a lot of beacons which teleport your units to wherever you have one. The vultures wont be able to run away if you have beacons surrounding them and your units will be able to quickly kill the vulture before it attempts to flee.

Image result for terran screenshot of mission 5
Showing a large defensive base a common strategy for Terran

Game mechanics 

The mechanics of the game are not too complex. The mechanics are that when you start a level you spawn at a certain point with a command center and two svc's. You do not know where your enemy is in multi player. But in the campaign you usually have an objective you need to complete. The game usually has you destroy something or bring somebody somewhere. Even though this might sound simple it can be hard as you slowly go through the campaign the difficulty starts to increase. In my opinion the hardest levels are the survival missions because they will never be ready for a full blown blitz.


The sounds in star craft can be loud and offsetting. For example the zergs make growling noises or screaming noises that kind of make them sound a little bug like. When you click on the Terran marines they say I need something to shoot and when you move them they say moving out. Having these troops have dialogue help make the game feel a little more real and alive. The Protoss are kind of silent except for a few mumbles hear and there but don't really talk. They seem like they are focusing on what they are doing. The sounds of lasers and guns going off can make the game loud but also lets you know when there is a fight going on.


The graphics in StarCraft are pretty good considering it was made in the 1990s. The game does not need to have really good graphics to be a fun and entertaining game. Since you are wrapped up in the amazing sound effects of the game you will barely notice it at all. But somehow if the graphics bother you so much then you can get the remastered version. This game has the graphics that are comparable to some modern games like halo. Overall StarCraft is fun to play with or without good graphics.

User Interface

The controls for StarCraft are very simple. All you have to do is right click and left click to play the game.The races are pretty easy to learn as well they are very different from each other stated in the gameplay paragraph. The Terran's are the race that everyone knows how to play. Because this is the race they use as a tutorial for the game. The Protoss are the race that is definitely the hardest one to master but are pretty fun race in general to play as. The Zerg is the race that is a race that is fun for people who like to annoy their opponent. Overall StarCraft is an easy game to play.


The multiplayer gameplay in StarCraft is the most interesting part of the game. It lets you use a whole new level of strategy. The strategy's are more complex and the players are smart and can actually counter your moves and actually put a challenge. This requires more quick thinking and rapid changing of strategy. This mode is a lot more fun and difficult. You can also ally with the other people and turn on allied victory. You can also share vision with other players so they can see what you are doing and where your troops are. So they see the same thing you can see. 8 players is the max but it is still madness. Multiplayer is still the most fun in the game. Also I forgot to mention there are different game modes like king of the hill where whoever is on top of the hill when the game ends is the winner of  the mode.

Image result for starcraft 1 king of the hill gameplay
A classic  multi player battle between the Protoss and the zerg.

Game building

Building a game in StarCraft is easy and fun. This lets you have full creative ability over the map. This lets you make a map that you would be able to make a map with a lot of rivers or a map with a ton of crystals that will be a resource battle. You can also make a scenario where you can make your own little story and have fun playing that. So have fun making a world and do your best and most of all have some fun.



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